Outdoor Fireplace Company in MN

Learn about outdoor fireplaces and the amazing benefits they mean for your home.

If you have an outdoor fireplace, you have a great landscape feature you can enjoy any time of the year. An effective outdoor fireplace lets you watch the fall leaves change color and fall without the wind chilling your bones, enjoy hot chocolate while curling up with those around you after an afternoon of snowball fighting, or even warming up after you spent all day swimming under the summer sun.

You can enhance your entire overall landscape with an outdoor fireplace, and your hardscape design enjoys benefits from it as well. Our professionals can create your dream outdoor fireplace using many different materials, so you can choose something that melds well with your current home and exterior. The primary advantage of any outdoor fireplace is, of course, being able to stay warm when it's dark. On those evenings when the sun sets before you're ready to go to bed yourself, you can spend time resting by your fire. This romantic feature is a winner for nearly any home, and it's a great place where you and the one you love can have some relaxing time with one another.

The Kinds Of Outdoor Fireplaces


Gas-burning fireplaces are great choices for anyone that likes the possibility of lighting up their fire with a simple switch. This kind of fireplace is usually surrounded with firebrick inside the actual firebox, since it's the most effective material to withstand the direct heat emitted by a burning gas fire. Aside from sheer convenience, gas-burning fireplaces have other benefits that wood-fueled fires won't give you. Since the gas comes from underneath the faux wooden log set, you get the visual impact of a fire burning real wood, but you don't get any ashes or embers. This kind of fire feels 'cleaner', but you should also note that it won't get as hot. Additionally, a gas-fueled fire does miss the rustic or farmhouse charm that only comes with a wood-burning fireplace. Always remember that safety matters in terms of connections between a gas line and a fireplace. Leave this to the professionals and experts.

Gas-Burning Inserts

Gas-burning inserts usually come pre-manufactured so they're ready to go for simple installation work. When your gas fireplace insert arrives, it shows up with all of its ventings, gauges, and valves all already in position. Firebricks aren't necessary if you want this kind of fireplace, given how the insert is composed of stainless steel perfectly capable of tolerating the heat that is generated. Another benefit of stainless steel, other than functionality, is how modern and contemporary it looks with its clean visual aesthetic. In this kind of installation, gas usually gets fed through a burner that rests inside a fire glass bed, which again helps the modern vibe of the piece. This is a wonderful option if you're looking for maximum convenience with a modern or contemporary look.

No matter what kind of fuel source you wind up deciding on, you can rely on your outdoor fireplace being a true point of emphasis in your yard. The smartest course of action is consulting a landscape designer that you trust in order to create a seamless design that's up to code, safe for everyone around, and professional in caliber.

You'll notice our passion and zest for exterior design from the first time you meet us all the way until you first light your fire. We want you to have an outdoor living space where you can be comfortable, happy, and with the ones you love.

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