Paver Patio and Walkway Installation in MN

Durable and weather-resistant, pavers are an excellent choice for outdoor patios and walkways. Thanks to their strength and versatility, they are an excellent alternative to traditional choices like wood or concrete.

The Advantages Of Having Pavers Installed

Pavers are manufactured in a controlled environment, which means that every individual paver is perfect in terms of its appearance and durability. When installed with other pavers, the resulting surface is not only beautiful to look at but is also strong enough to last for years.

Solid concrete surfaces are prone to cracking. With pavers, however, that isn't an issue. The spaces between the pavers allow them to expand and contract without cracking when the temperature changes. If any cracking does occur, the damaged pieces can easily be replaced, restoring the original beauty of the patio or walkway.

Along with being rugged and long-lasting, pavers have a beautiful appearance after they are installed. Putting in a walkway or patio that is made out of pavers instantly elevates the look of your outdoor space, adding class and sophistication. Pavers come in many different colors, styles, and sizes, making it easy to create a custom look that coordinates well with the exterior of your home.

Installing Pavers The Right Way

Pavers need to be installed correctly to look their best. We specialize in paver installation and hardscaping. Thanks to our previous experience, we are experts in the art of installing pavers. To ensure that we always get great results, we only buy supplies from the industry's leading manufacturers.

While the quality of the pavers themselves has a major impact on the finished look, the way they are installed is equally as important. Our employees are some of the best in the industry when it comes to installing pavers thanks to their experience and in-depth training.

Opt For Professional Installation

There is no point in spending a lot of money on pavers and then hiring an amateur to install them. Improper installation can cause problems further down the road. When you have the pavers installed by Yard Concepts, however, you can trust that the work is done right and that the pavers will last for years.

Hiring a professional makes a lot more sense than trying to install the pavers yourself, as well. Paver installation is a complex task that takes a lot of prep work. The installation area needs to be properly excavated before the pavers are installed, which requires a lot of hard work. If you don't have previous experience doing this kind of work, the odds of something going wrong are extremely high. Poor installation can ruin the appearance of the walkway or patio. Even worse, it can create a tripping hazard due to the uneven surface.

Trust us to handle the paver installation for you. From patios and driveways to walkways, we provide top-quality installation services. Give us a call here at Yard Concepts for a free quote today. You can also find pictures of projects we have worked on in the past in our portfolio.

Whether you want a new patio, an outdoor fireplace, a backyard kitchen, or beautiful retaining walls, we can do it all. Give us a call or send us a text message at 763-286-0005 for a free estimate.