Retaining Walls in MN

Retaining walls have the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. If you have looked at some of the properties around the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, you may have to the noticed that the most beautiful and unique homes have stone retaining walls. If you have ever considered improving your property by adding a retaining wall, you should do it! It is an investment you will not regret.

By adding a new retaining wall, you will not only improve the general appearance of your property, you will also be accentuating your landscape design and style.

If you are thinking of making this important investment, it is important that you start the process right if you want quality results. This means that you have to start by choosing the right retaining wall contractor to handle your project. For the best results, you should only engage contractors who have vast experience in building retaining walls. At Yard Concepts, our main focus is ensuring client satisfaction, offering quality workmanship and ensuring the highest levels of safety during the entire construction process? Looking to get the kind of retaining wall that you always envisioned? Let us handle the construction process and you will not be disappointed?

Why Should You Install Retaining Walls on Your Property?

At first, you may think that retaining walls are simple structures of stone that are surrounded by concrete or brick designs. However, there is a lot more when it comes to the design and construction of retaining walls. When installing these walls, each part of the wall is usually engineered by highly experienced wall builders and then constructed to fit the exact design requirements and installation blueprint. There are a lot of aspects and factors that have to be considered when engineering and installing retaining walls such as property measurements, materials, slope of the land and desired design. On contracting our services, you can be assured that you will get functional and appealing retaining walls since our highly trained landscape wall contractors have extensive knowledge on how to balance and blend all requisite factors for the best outcome.

Apart from the functionality and appeal, retaining walls have many benefits which include:

  • They increase and enhance the overall appeal of your property
  • They usually help to address sloping landscapes
  • They can increase the usable space in your property
  • They usually improve the curb appeal and frontal appearance of your property
  • They can help improve privacy in your property
  • They help in elevating your driveway
  • They can be constructed in such a way that your property gets a designated entertaining area

What Are Some of The Most Common Types of Retaining Walls?

  1. Boulder Retaining Walls

    Boulder retaining walls are affordable and beautiful. When installed properly they can last for ages. These walls usually work perfectly in natural settings and they can be installed in areas with good soils or poor soils. During installation of boulder retaining soils, a fabric is usually placed between the boulder walls so as to limit the amount of erosion that can occur in the spaces between the wall boulders. These walls are considered to be an example of gravity walls since they rely on the mass of the boulders to stabilize the soil below. Boulder retaining walls can take on different appearances depending on the type of rock used in the construction and the design as well as style in which they are installed.

  2. Paver Retaining Walls

    Paver retaining walls can be both functional and highly aesthetically appealing. Though they are typically used to hold back a slope of soil, they can be used in landscape designs to create sheltered alcoves, garden spaces and to also give a visually style a space.

    Pavers can be found in different shapes and colors meaning that retaining walls built from this material can be used to accentuate the visual appeal of your yard. They can be used to complement other projects built using pavers such as patios, pool decks, walkways and outdoor kitchens.

Improving your home by adding paver retaining walls is not as expensive as you may think. To get started on improving your property in all aspects with these walls, all you need is to first speak with one of our experienced design professionals. On contacting us, we will look at your property, advice you on the different types of walls that would be most ideal for your property and then proceed on creating the most appealing walls based on your wants.

Since pavers do not break or crack, you can be sure that they will be in place for a long time to come, perhaps even outliving your residence!

Why Should You Hire Professional Retaining Wall Contractors for Your Project?

In order to build a durable and functional retaining wall, you need to hire contractors who understand the science of lateral earth pressure. Contractors with this knowledge will be able to assess the landscape, design and then engineer retaining walls with strong structural integrity that are also eco-friendly.

If you are looking for engineers with the skills, training and knowledge to make this possible, get in touch with our team of contractors at Yard Concepts. We guarantee that we will create and install premium retaining walls that can withstand the tests of time and the surrounding environment.

At Yard Concepts, instead of promising to meet your expectations, we will guarantee it. This is because our team of retaining wall builders have extensive training and experience in constructing and installing all types of retaining walls. To get a free quote, call us today!

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